Ijtema Accommodation


Sleeping Arrangements:

(by Atfal regions)

  • Lajna Prayer Hall
    • Virginia
    • Maryland
    • New York Metro
  • Conference Hall upstairs
    • Southwest
    • Southeast
    • Northwest
    • Northeast
  • Men’s Prayer Hall
    • Missouri River
    • Midwest
  • Old Basement
    • Gulf
    • Great Lakes
    • East

Bathroom Facilities:

  • 28 sinks
  • 4 showers
  • 12 bathroom stalls

Special Note:

  • All Atfal must stay at Masjid. No one will be allowed to stay at home from Wednesday night through Saturday night.
  • Limited Quantities of Sleeping Bags will be provided for Atfal flying in. Local Atfal and Fathers should bring their own sleeping supplies.


mirza harris ahmad
Mohtamim Atfal
harris.ahmad@atfalusa.org 920-203-2088
ata-ul-aleem choudhary
Naib Mohtamim I
aleem.choudhary@atfalusa.org 267-231-1361
ahmed khan
Naib Mohtamim II
ahmed.khan@atfalusa.org 410-858-6757